Who is jessica hahn dating

Hahn gained notoriety in the 1980s because she had a sexual relationship with TV evangelist Jim Bakker when she was the secretary at his church.

'' Her parents - her father is a retired New York City police officer, her mother a housewife - call often from their home in nearby Massapequa, increasingly distraught and worried.I want to stop feeling like an outcast.'' Encounter With Celebrity Many people, from Hollywood producers to the publishers of pornographic magazines, have telephoned, wanting her story and promising enormous sums of money for it.Miss Hahn, whose life has by all accounts revolved around her church, is one of those bit players in modern-day scandals who go from obscurity to celebrity overnight.This is good, since she would never settle for anything less!Jessica wants to be adored and worshipped like the royalty she feels she is, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention Hahn lavishes on those she cares about.

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