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I have tried: Windows Media Player sets the album art ID3 tag when the user pastes the album art. What worked for me, as adx suggested, was to go into the /Android/data/com.android.providers.media/albumthumbs folder on the phone and delete all of the files it contains.

I even confirmed this by archiving the MP3 and opening on another computer. They are extension-less files, so it is impossible to tell which one is the offending one, so I just deleted them all.

Update 8/7/14 #2: Google posted the official changelog, and looks like this is also new in this release: "You can now undo tracks removed from playlists and the queue via swipe." Google has been playing around with the Play Music interface a bit lately, but the widget hasn't been keeping pace.

That changes in this update as Google has completely revamped the standard widget and added a new 1x1 widget for getting tunes going fast. There are also changes to the music download screen and search functionality. The resizable one (starts out at 3x1 for some reason) looks great and you can make it any size you fancy.

When playing a song on the i Phone that doesn't have album art attached, it detracts from the feeling that you're listening to one part of a larger collection.

If anything is missing or misspelled, i Tunes won’t find your artwork. A very simple software program called Tune Up works on both Mac and PC and can download missing album artwork for you.The next time I opened the default Samsung music player, all of the album thumbnail images at first appeared empty, then after two or three seconds, the music player re-generated all of them, and my new album art appeared on the offending album.(This was after I "showed hidden files and folders" via the control panel in Windows and deleted the Album and files that were there) Force stop your Music playing app. Use the search function to search your phone (phone storage or SD card where you store your music) for In fact, after the launch of Apple Music which had its own bugs, the problem seems to have gotten worse instead of better.How does one successfully get album artwork for the songs in their library that don’t have it? If you only have a few songs that need album artwork, you can probably get away with the one-by-one approach to adding album artwork.

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