Dubya dad and dating part 1

Season 1 of George Lopez was released on DVD along with Season 2 by Warner Home Video.When well-liked George (George Lopez) becomes the first guy to be promoted from the assembly line to plant manager at a Los Angeles airplane parts factory, his life becomes a little more complicated.The George Lopez show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about the challenges of the plant manager of an airplane parts factory in dealing with his former co-workers (now his subordinates), his wife and kids, and his annoying but loving mother. Seeks to establish a relationship with son George even after George punches him in the face for insulting ex-wife Benny when the family (except Carmen) travels to Phoenix after learning he's still alive Cecelia Lopez (sister)George Lopez (character) (son)Angie Lopez (daughter-in-law) Carmen Lopez (granddaughter)Max Lopez (grandson)Linda Lorenzo (daughter)Joe Diaz (ex-brother-in-law)Dave Diaz (ex-father-in-law)Luisa Diaz (ex-mother-in-law) George Edward Lopez (II) (son) Manny Lopez is Benny's ex-husband, Lydia's husband, George Lopez's, Linda Lorenzo's, and George Edward Lopez (II)'s father.His pal Ernie (Valente Rodriguez) and former compadres on the plant floor tease him about joining management.George's first test in the new position is to terminate one employee.

When Manny left, he took George's birth certificate, later used to legalize his 2nd son, George Lopez, George's half brother, with the same name.Although she teases George about his dysfunctional family, George’s devoted wife Angie makes a startling realization about her own relatives.She also becomes a major breadwinner in the Lopez household, finding success as a cosmetics salesperson on commission.In the "fantasy dream flashbacks", in which George supposedly has when he's trying to describe to his son Max what his dad Manny, whom he's not seen since he was two, and doesn't remember how he looked, might look and act like, Manny's played first by Esai Morales in "Who's Your Daddy?" and the Amaury Nolasco in "Long Time No See", both in Season 1.

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