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This was not what Rahlves expected when he retired from World Cup racing following the 2006 season.

With 28 podium finishes, 12 wins, three world championship medals, and a reputation as America's best downhiller, Rahlves, 34, planned to leave racing behind and try big-mountain freeskiing—those helicopter adventures to the steeps of Alaska that supply each year's new crop of ski porn.

"Skiing doesn't pay nearly as well as during my World Cup career," says Rahlves. After first modeling his old skintight World Cup downhill wear, he stripped and put on skiercross apparel: same helmet and goggles but with softer boots, back and knee pads, baggy black pants, and a lime-green miracle-fabric windbreaker with embroidered on the back.

The 48-year-old Metallica drummer was in town with Miller to pay a visit to her sister, WDAY-TV morning anchor, Danielle Miller.

Augustine City Archaeologist Carl Halbirt and his team uncovered remnants of what is believed to be one of the nine Spanish wooden forts that preceded the Castillo de San Marcos within yards of the current dig site.

Newman said Halbirt had stopped by her dig on Monday “to check our progress.” Halbirt and his crew are assigned to do the digging on any city-owned lands.

DNA LINK TO HOMICIDE Wint's DNA was connected to a pizza crust found inside the Woodland Drive home where the crime happened, FOX 5's Paul Wagner has confirmed with police.According to Blabbermouth, Miller was previously in a relationship with System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian.There’s no word on when Miller started dating Ulrich. His first was to a British woman named Debbie Jones that lasted from 1988-1990.Previous incidents include domestic violence, assault and burglary.A woman who identified herself as the suspect's sister told FOX 5 that Wint has been in trouble in the past, but she was surprised to learn that he's accused of a crime so serious.

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