Conflict in adolescent dating relationships inventory cadri

Adolescents’ experiences of psychological and physical relationship aggression correlated positively, but inconsistently, with their symptoms of psychological distress.In analyses considering both forms of aggression simultaneously, psychological aggression was related to adolescents’ distress, but physical aggression was not.

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Experiences of psychological and physical aggression were expected to correlate positively with symptoms of psychological distress, but experiences of psychological aggression were expected to partially account for the association between experiences of physical aggression and psychological distress.

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Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1990 intimate partner abuse high-risk behavior adolescents.

This instrumental study examines the psychometric properties of the Psychological Dating Violence Questionnaire (PDV-Q).

The scale was developed with the aim of evaluating subtle and overt psychological abuse among dating couples, and its possible bi-directionality in the implication as victim and as aggressor.

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