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Native American Mitochondrial DNA Native American mitochondrial DNA consists of five base haplogroups, A, B, C, D and X.

Within those five major haplogroups are found many Native as well as non-Native sub-haplogroups.

Surrounding walking trails provide a peaceful place to reflect after your visit. Ute Council Tree, Delta When is a tree not just a tree?The war party traveled by canoe to fight American soldiers throughout the Great Lakes.Assiginack and his warriors followed a long lineage of Odawa warriors who fought against the Muschodesh, Fox, Iroquois, Winnebago, Chickasaw, British and American Canada as a result of a DNA test from a Canadian DNA testing company.This has caused quite an uproar, in both genetic genealogy and Native American research communities, and has been resoundingly discredited by geneticists.

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